Colombia’s ideal places to visit range from the cosmopolitan Caribbean city of Cartagena to the tough landscapes of La Guajira. Below, you can find untamed sand crête and shorelines as well as the indigenous Wayuu tribe.

Thrill-seekers will love San Gil, the adventure-sports capital of Colombia. Visitors may paraglide over a Chicamocha Gosier and number on the Suárez River.


Cartagena is mostly a vibrant metropolis that includes the best of Colombia. The UNESCO-listed walled city’s cobblestone streets inform hundreds of years of history. It could be full of church buildings, retailers and tranquil shaded edges just hanging around to be researched.

The many popular several months to visit metropolis are Dec to Apr. This coincides with the dry season and peak superior travel season for the purpose of both Colombians and and also the. However , the city is still a delight to experience outside these a few months (and more affordable! ).

While staying in the historic area, it’s critical to be aware of manipulative street suppliers who might ask you for money or perhaps pictures. It is very important to say no gracias, and be sure to keep your belongings close. Also, be prepared for warm weather and some rainfall showers during your stay!


The main town of Colombia’s little sliver on the Amazon, Leticia sits around the border with Brazil and Peru. It’s a melting pot of Colombians, visitors from border countries and indigenous The amazon website communities.

The city contains a small air-port that gets two plane tickets a day by Bogotá. Following that, it’s an easy ride for the Amazon Water and jungle.

During your trip, try a sip of ojén (coca tea) or a tia (sweet grape juice). There is also a delicious number of traditional food.

The area about Salento and Zona Casta?a are a heaven for caffeine lovers. They’re also known for hiking trails and picturesque panoramas. Just remember to get your mosquito spray. Workout a high degree of caution in Colombia at all times. Crime rates are high, particularly in cities.


The Amazon jungle makes up a huge amount of Colombia’s incredible biodiversity and is a Jungle Publication wonderland. Leticia is a wonderful base for the purpose of exploring this incredible ecosystem, and you can get many trips that start from here.

Salento can be one of those locations that you will see in every Colombia travelling article. It could be delightful and has its own really good eating places, but it’s overrun with tourists. If you need to avoid the crowds, try Filandia or Buenavista instead.

Colombia’s coffee region is yet another spotlight of the region. The picturesque towns of Pereira, Armenia and Manizales offer a chance to enjoy the country’s pure beauty, as well as learn about its abundant history. It is very also the right place to take part in several extreme sporting activities if you’re a great adrenaline fan.

Pacific cycles Coast

Colombia’s Pacific Coast is a beautiful and off the beaten route destination that offers untamed nature and a stress-free lifestyle. There are warm palm forest lined beach locations, biologically diverse national parks, charming colonial time towns and more.

The area is also home to the San Agustin Archaeological Site, among the major necropolis sites in the world. Other highlights contain visiting the Silver Museum in Bogota and ascending up Monserrate for amazing views belonging to the city.

Getting around the Pacific Shoreline is easy since it is a region with few highways, making transportation by simply plane or perhaps boat the primary modes of transport. Well-known activities include kite surfing, four-wheel cruising across the sand dunes in the La Guajira Desert and visiting the Serie Islands. Other things to do incorporate learning about the indigenous Wayuu culture in La Guajira and staying on a rancheria.

San Agustin Archaeological Site

San Agustin doesn’t feature on a large number of international travellers itineraries, the industry shame because the peaceful off-road town is home to the country’s largest list of statues and monuments. Known as the Necropolis, this UNESCO World Heritage site contains burial tombs and many figurines scattered about picturesque green hills.

Wander the streets and admire vibrant Spanish colonial buildings, or perhaps play canto (a regional game of shooting clay-based with gunpowder) using one of Salento’s bright plazas. You can also go to the nearby Tatacoa Desert, where big heavens free of lumination pollution great stargazing. Additionally, head out about horseback to learn some of the sites. In particular, the spooky Un Tablon will be worth a go to. The figurines here are immaterial you’ve viewed before and can keep you photo-happy for ages.