candlestick chart javascript

The stroke width of rising candles, as an HTML color string. The stroke color of rising candles, as an HTML color string. The fill color of rising candles, as an HTML color string. The stroke width of falling candles, as an HTML color string.

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Plug Power Plugs In to Restart Its Uptrend.

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The direction in which the values along the horizontal axis grow. The default font size, in pixels, of all text in the chart. You can override this using properties for specific chart elements. Whether the chart throws user-based events or reacts to user interaction. Candlestick charts always looked very confusing to me because I never bothered to understand them. However, when I finally did, I realized they are actually quite easy and straightforward to read.

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A trader can instantly compare the relationship between the open and close as well as the high and low prices. They can also be used to predict market reversals which can be extremely helpful for professional investors, brokers, etc. This type of JavaScript Candlestick chart is used to observe price fluctuations while trading. This makes it useful to dynamically display data for both longer and shorter intervals. The color of the vertical minor gridlines inside the chart area. If true, show colored squares next to the series information in the tooltip.

  • Here, the solid portion of the candle within the buy-sell spread defines the open & close price, and the candle “wick” defines the maximum and minimum price range.
  • After configuring the auto-cursor behavior and styling it, we get the output shown in the second image.
  • The color of the horizontal gridlines inside the chart area.
  • Default is to try to show as many labels as possible without overlapping.
  • We shall use the setTickStrategy() function on an axis.

All the LightningChart functions and properties that we need to build charts are included in the IIFE. I recommend techan.js based on and by the author of D3js. Here, the solid portion of the candle within the buy-sell spread defines the open & close price, and the candle “wick” defines the maximum and minimum price range. Simple BTC/EUR real time chart using data from Binance REST API and Kraken WebSocket API and Highcharts for visualization.

Customizing Candlestick Chart Colors

We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. You can edit the question so it can be answered with facts and citations. Fired when an error occurs when attempting to render the chart. For more information candlestick chart javascript on how to use these events, see
Basic Interactivity,
Handling Events, and
Firing Events. Returns the pixel y-coordinate of dataValue relative to the top edge of the chart’s container. This option currently works only when legend.position is ‘top’.

candlestick chart javascript

To find the high price of the security for the chosen period, look at the candlestick’s upper wick. The wick of the candlestick shows the day’s highs and lows in comparison to the opening and closing prices. The shape of a candlestick is based on the relationship between the opening, closing, high, and low prices for the day. JQuery plugin for creating line, bar and candlestick charts. Overrides the default format for various aspects of date/datetime/timeofday data types when used with chart computed gridlines.

The color of the horizontal gridlines inside the chart area. We
set bar.groupWidth to ‘100%’ to remove the
space between the bars. Each object in the chart can be interacted with, creating an animation that will aid in our understanding of the data shown. OHLCSeries are created using the addOHLCSeries() method. We will also be setting Candlesticks as the figure to be used here. Conversely, the candlestick turns red when the price opens and then falls.

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You can enable zooming capability by setting zoomEnabled to true. Some other common customizations are color, animationEnabled etc. It can also be used as a zoom tool, as well as provides interactivity to the charts. In the below code, the user can change the title and behaviour of the Y-Axis according to requirements. Let’s get started creating the JavaScript Candlestick chart by initializing the chart by calling the LightningChart () constructor. Since we will be using a 2D XY chart we can initialize that using the ChartXY () constructor.

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Cava Group Has Some Tasty Chart Points: Here’s the Play.

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You can enable legends by setting showInLegend to true. This feature is really useful for improving the readability of the graph. Other related customizations include exportEnabled, animationEnabled, etc.

Sets a tooltip action to be executed when the user clicks on the action text. Removes the tooltip action with the requested actionID from the chart. Returns the vertical data value at yPosition, which is a pixel offset down from the chart container’s top edge. Returns the tooltip action object with the requested actionID. VAxis property that specifies the baseline for the vertical axis. If the baseline is larger than the highest grid line or smaller than the lowest grid line, it will be rounded to the closest gridline.

Step 4: Write the JS candlestick chart code

The viewWindow will be automatically expanded to include the min and max ticks unless you specify a viewWindow.min or viewWindow.max to override. Plotly is a free and open-source graphing library for JavaScript.

On the other hand, the closing price of a security is the top of a green candlestick or the bottom of a red candlestick. The opening price of a security is the bottom of a green candlestick or the top of a red candlestick. Get your hands on the most advanced data visualization library at a discounted price. Google’s charting API supports a candlestick chart with the ability to change the values on the X axis – i.e. they are week days here but could be other things.

candlestick chart javascript

How many horizontal axis labels to show, where 1 means show every label, 2 means show every other label, and so on. Default is to try to show as many labels as possible without overlapping. Labels can span multiple lines if they are too long, and the number of lines is, by default, limited by the height of the available space. HAxis property that makes the horizontal axis a logarithmic scale (requires all values to be positive).

Create interactive, and stand-alone charts that are built on the graphics of d3 javascript (d3js) but configurable with Python.

For CryptoCurrency data the DateTimeNumericAxis can be used as these are 24/7 markets. Candlestick Series or JavaScript Stock Charts can be created using the FastCandlestickRenderableSeries type. You can set risingColor or color to show the rising or falling price in different colors. Some other frequently used customizations include zoomEnabled, animationEnabled, etc.

In the resulting JS candlestick chart, it is possible to observe how the EUR/USD currency pair traded over two years. Use the scroller to zoom into a shorter period if you want. That’s where I will put all the code for the JS candlestick chart. When hovering the plot area, it helps to gauge a precise position on the value scale, helps display tooltips for multiple series at a time.


When the price of the security starts at a specific price and then rises, the candlestick turns green. Trading professionals seeking chart patterns can use candlesticks charts for their analysis. Many traders consider candlestick charts to be easier to read and more visually appealing than conventional bar charts. A candlestick chart is a type of price chart used in technical analysis, which shows a security’s high, low, open, and closing prices over a given time frame. The color of the candle can indicate whether the stock price went up or down during that period, with green or blue usually indicating a rise and red indicating a decline.